Scam Alert Information from Kent Police


Residents are to be aware of a SCAM whereby members of the public receive a telephone call from someone claiming to be a police officer. The 'officer' then says that police have arrested someone trying to use the person's bank account details fraudulently.

Do not carry out any instructions given by the bogus police officer.

The bogus police officer will ask the victim to hang up and call their bank. If the victim does so, they will be talking to the fraudster, or an accomplice on the same line, as they will not have disconnected their end of the call. The fraudsters will ask for bank account details: this is the purpose of the scam. If you are uncertain and concerned, hang up and use a different phone to call your bank using a number you know to be correct - they won’t mind.

The police would never make a call of this nature, so do not engage with the fraudster, just hang up the phone. Never give bank details over the phone, and if you want to give your bank a call after one of these phone calls, always use a different phone line to do so.

To report a fraud and receive a police crime reference number either call 101 or Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040 or visit


Information supplied to Meopham Parish Council by Kent Police