Coronavirus Communication - Can you help or do you need help?

Coronavirus communication

The Parish Council is working closely with MP Adam Holloway, County Councillor Bryan Sweetland, Gravesham Borough Councillors, Community Wardens and members of the local community to look at how we can help each other in the parish of Meopham over the coming months during the coronavirus emergency. We are in the process of setting up a dedicated telephone number and email address for volunteers and people needing help to contact us. Until this information is available, if you need help, or know of anyone that may need help or are able to volunteer then please email the parish office at or tel. on 01474 813779 to leave your details on the answerphone there. We will then pass on your information to the relevant people who are co-ordinating this.

We would also ask you to complete the Gravesham Community Support initiative launched this week by MP Adam Holloway as this is the best way of creating a database for Meopham for people who need help or can help.  Details below:-


Please sign up now.

In conjunction with the leader of the Council, John Burden, we have created a new and major local resource called:

This is a database that will assist Gravesham residents during the weeks and months ahead. By entering your contact details we will be able to link you up with people in your local area, so that you can help and be helped. It will also be a highly effective means of you receiving information and advice from the Council and the Emergency Services. May I beg you to spend two minutes signing up, and ask you to share this and email the link to your friends and family in Gravesham. The coming weeks are going to be very rough for many people. Let’s create our own outbreak of Super Neighbourliness in the Borough.

#superneighbour #staysafe .

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