How can I get elected onto the parish council?

There are two main ways of serving on the Parish Council.

The first is to stand for election to the office of parish councillor. The parish council has twelve councillors and all posts fall vacant at scheduled elections, which take place on a fixed four-yearly cycle. The next scheduled election will take place in May 2023.  It is also possible to stand for election when there is a "by-election" to fill a casual vacancy in the office of parish councillor. Most commonly, that can occur if/when a Councillor resigns their post.

The second main way of serving on the parish council is to be co-opted as a Councillor. If one or more vacancies exist, and an insufficient number of Councillors stand for election (or an insufficient number are elected) to fill all of the vacancies, the parish council has legal powers to co-opt members to fill the remaining vacancies.

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