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Vacancy - Footpaths Officer - Meopham & District Footpaths Group

Meopham and District Footpaths Group has a vacancy. If you are interested please contact: John Macknish 01474 361437 Email: or Email: Ken Dare at
Footpaths Officer Role
To lead and/or act in liaison with others:-
To ensure the public paths are not obstructed and are freely available for use and enjoyment.

Matthew Scott launches his Annual Policing Survey OPCC/MS/OG/436/20

Good morning all,

I hope you are all keeping as safe and well as possible in the circumstances.

This is an email notifying Kent residents that Matthew Scott, Kent’s Police and Crime Commissioner, has today launched his 2020 Annual Policing Survey.

The survey is run every year and gives residents the opportunity to have their say on what Kent Police’s priorities should be and how safe they feel amongst other topics, such as finances.