Pepperhill Tip - update

The following information has been received by Gravesham Borough Council:-

Following the fire at Pepperhill HWRC on Saturday 21 April, Kent County Council have confirmed that the site will remain closed until at least August.

Test results on the building have shown that due to chlorine levels that were produced from the various waste types that burnt in the fire, a full decontamination process is necessary and will take approximately eight weeks to complete. A further two to four weeks will then be required to renew lighting, doors, concrete walls, electrics, the sprinkler system, CCTV and cladding. Once the decontamination is complete, further tests will be taken to determine how far the damage has infiltrated the cladding and insulation further up the building. This may result in a second phase of work replacing the roof.

Discussions are ongoing about extending the opening hours at Swanley and Dartford HWRC’s , whilst Tovil HWRC is currently open later on Wednesday and Thursday evenings to help provide extended public access to these sites.

The closure of the site has had a massive impact on both residents and the Council. From the Council’s point of view the closure has affected the refuse and street cleansing teams. The main impact is the amount of time we are now spending travelling to disposal points which vary from Crayford, Sevenoaks and Maidstone. On average it is taking about 60 minutes longer for us to empty a vehicle whether that be a refuse/recycling collection vehicle or a street cleansing vehicle that has been collecting flytipping. Naturally this has meant there is less time in the working day to carry out all the work that is required. We have put into place contingency plans and this has meant the from a residents’ perspective our kerbside collections have continued as normal however our response times for responding to flytipping clearances, graffiti removal and some street cleansing tasks will not be as quick as they normally are.

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